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Exhibition Opening Giese und Schweiger. Irina Danieli: "MOMENTS OF TRANSITION—LITTLE CREATURES AND INSECTS IN BÉATRICE DREUX'S WORK". Exhibit. cat. "Tierchen v. Béatrice Dreux", Vienna 2023.

Theater Kosmos, Bregenz

An angry cheerfulness throbs in Dreux´s colourful paitings. Her work is figurative painting, but the works do not depict situations, do not tell stories, but rather test paiting as a critical stance.


Group Show with Nikos Aslanidis, Maria Capelo, Béatrice Dreux, Elko Gröschl, Nona Inescu, Ida Lindgren, Catherine Mulligan, Katrina Neiburga, Liesbeth Piena, Natascha Schmitten, Rubica von Streng. KIT – Kunst im Tunnel, Mannesmannufer 1b, 40213 Düsseldorf, https://www.kunst-im-tunnel.de/

Artist in Residence

CA Andratx

Part of the Artists-in-Residence Programme of CCA Andratx. I spend my time as a guest at Studio Verde in March 2022. https://ccandratx.eu/residencies/artist_archive/b-atrice-dreux

Rainbows by Béatrice Dreux in the Ursuline Church in Linz.

Under the guiding theme "Memento Mori" (Remember Death), artists with existing works or site-specific interventions have been invited to the Ursuline Church in Linz for the period from Ash Wednesday to Good Friday for about three decades. The tradition of opening the crypt during this time had to be interrupted due to corona. After Heribert Friedl performed a sound installation in the church in 2021, a painting by Béatrice Dreux will enter into dialogue with the space in 2022. Asht Wednesday liturgy with opening: 2.3., 8 p.m. Art talk: Thurs., 7.4, 6 p.m., location: Ursulinenkirche Linz.


The complex work of the painter Béatrice Dreux moves in a space of personal experience and at the same time negotiates political-social themes. Her work is figurative painting, but the works do not depict situations, do not tell stories, but rather test painting as a critical stance. They take up archaic motifs in order to reformulate them in a contemporary way: Woman, mother, goddess, seer, animal and plant are at the centre. In Béatrice Dreux's colourful paintings throbs an "angry cheerfulness" that the philosopher George Steiner senses in all substantial acts of art. Béatrice Dreux's first solo museum exhibition combines recent series of works with reference images from earlier years.